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Breathtaking Drone-Shot Wonders Of Historical St. Peters Village



This quaint village sits along the beautiful, picturesque French Creek. St. Peters used to be filled with iron miners and quarry-workers who worked in the mines and granite quarry in the village’s glory days.

The quarry is now abandoned, and is said to be at least 200 ft. deep. Legend has it, that 100 ft. tall cranes are still sitting in the depths of the quarry. The now abandoned iron mines are a few miles away from the quarry, and now are located on privately owned property.

St. Peters Village is well known for it’s beautiful scenery, and for it’s thrilling cliffs – used by many to jump off of into the quarry, during the summer and warmer months.

This video was filmed by Dalton Drone and Discovery Zone. Check out their Youtube Channel by clicking HERE, for more beautifully shot videos and inquiries.

Anna Pepe is the founder of Wrrk Mama, a tech startup company empowering females. Anna’s core mission is to uplift others. She uses her skills and experience in business, entrepreneurship, fitness, and mindset transformation to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Wrrk Mama is just one outlet for her to share and uplift women especially, who are often overlooked in business, due to it being a male-dominated industry.

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FREE ‘Stop Bullying’ Event In West Chester, PA Is Filling Up Fast!



Free 'Stop Bullying' Event Held By ATA of West Chester on September 19th, 2019

West Chester ATA Martial Arts is holding a free ‘Stop Bullying’ event on Thursday, September 19th, 2019.

This free event will teach you:

-How to recognize different bully types 

-What to do before you get bullied 

-What actions are appropriate when you are being bullied 

-How to empower others

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot now! 

Click here to reserve your spot: Stop Bullying Event Sign Up 


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The Annual Kennett Brewfest Takes Place This Year On Saturday, September 28th, 2019​



The Annual Kennett Brewfest Gives Back To The Community

The Kennett Brewfest is an annual event that features over 100 breweries giving all Brewfest-goers the opprotunity to taste unique & popular seasonal brews. 

The event features live music, food trucks, vendors & more. The Brewfest’s Connoisseur session (before the Regular Session) features special pourings from select brewers, showcasing various unique, rare, exclusive, limited, and seasonal beers.

All proceeds from this special event go back to the community to benefit the Historical Kennett Square. 

Check out the featured breweries & more:


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Cafes & Quick Eats

The Greyhound Cafe Has A Special Offer For College Students ALL September!!



Fully Plant-Based Restaurant in Malvern, and Philadelphia PA

The Greyhound Cafe has an incredible offer for all college students, ALL September!!

This whole month, until 4pm Monday thru Friday, The Greyhound Cafe is offering 20% off for anyone with a college ID!

Be sure to take advantage of this offer from this restaurant! The Greyhound Cafe’s menu is fully plant based… but you could NEVER TELL by looking at these pics and tasting their delicious food. 

Try something new and take advantage of their September Discount!

Check out their menu & more:


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Oh yeah Gluten-free Pizza @thegreyhoundcafe !!

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